It is always the duty of the Church to disciple the people. Therefore, it is the intent of St. John’s to provide the education and training that will inform and equip our parishioners for effective Christian living and service. The Sunday morning education hour is set aside for this purpose organized around 4 to 8 week blocks of time throughout the year. However, studies are not confined to this setting and may include weekdays, a Saturday seminar or a guest lecturer. Topics cover a full range of catechesis and theological and biblical studies.


Children are a gift from God and entrusted to the care of their parents and the spiritual community. Therefore, it is our desire to assist families in the “training up of their children in the way they should go” and to ground children in sound Christian doctrine through story and participation in the life of the church, all to the end of bringing each child to faith. Our instruction incorporates Holy Scripture and Anglican practice with the ‘Godly Play’ curriculum.

Classes for pre-school and school age children are held congruently with the Sunday morning adult class. Infants remain under the care of the parent or guardian.

A pre-school/kindergarten class is under construction but not yet fully staffed.  Therefore, there may be Sundays when a teacher is not available.  A comfortable space is provided for their care in a room just off the Narthex.  Use of the room is entirely voluntary.

Please know that children of all ages are welcome in our services at all times.

For those times when we seek a good read or wish for further investigation into the Christian faith, the library is a good source for both. On our shelves is a varied collection from theological, non-fiction, fiction and biography to current Christian and Anglican periodicals.

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